Boutique Catering

Now taking reservations for spring and summer 2022.

You can rent just the roaster or rent as part of a package. Do you need a pig? We know a guy. Have a big crowd to feed? The roaster will cook a pig as big as 325 pounds. There's enough grill space to cook 44 pork butts, or even 60 chickens, there is also a second tier rib rack to maximize space. The roaster uses propane and comes on a trailer that is easy to tow. Perhaps the best feature is the simple design. It's a coffin roaster so there are no motors or complicated rotisserie pieces. 

Ideal for backyard weddings, and family reunions, employee appreciations or simply because you deserve it.

Want us to do the work? No problem, we are a full service catering company and can handle the entire process form start to finish.

for more information or to book the unit call Chef Derek at 226-748-8378